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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Our buildings are only as good as the people who occupy them.  We feel great pride that our projects attract a diverse group of people and businesses that share our values.

Coco Donuts

Explore life’s little pleasures. One bite at a time. One sip at a time.

Some businesses sell a product; Coco Donuts sells an experience. The Coco Donuts Experience combines two high quality commodities: donuts and coffee. Coco Donuts is the only donut shop in Portland crafting both quality donuts and coffee.

For more than six years, Coco Donuts has been handcrafting classic donuts, like the ones you loved growing up. Our donuts are made fresh daily by our dedicated bakers and are based on a secret family recipe passed down over 30 years. It’s a proven recipe people love and what separates us from our competitors.

In 2013, we took on a long anticipated venture of roasting our own coffee. We spend time seeking the best coffee beans in the world to roast in-house and offer our customers. By cultivating relationships directly with coffee farmers and co-ops, we are able to purchase some of the most prized coffee lots. This enables us to offer an extensive coffee program featuring many wonderful coffees rotated throughout the week and as new harvests arrive. These relationships further our own knowledge of the coffee business and helps educate our employees of the life cycle of coffee, which is passed on to our customers.

Coco Donuts has broken down the traditional barrier of donut shops’ outdated design, inconsistent quality of donuts and non-existent coffee programs by doing our own cafe build-outs, providing consistent handcrafted classic donuts and roasting our own coffee. Our team is devoted to crafting the highest quality donuts and coffee beverages to meet the demands of Portland’s expectation of what good donuts and coffee should taste like, especially when enjoyed together.

We hope you agree the Coco Donuts Experience is as unique as our donuts and coffee. We are proud to be serving quality donuts and coffee in Portland.

Experience us at our 5 locations; Uptown, Downtown, NE Broadway, N. Williams and our newest location on SE Milwaukie Ave.



My first visit to Palomar caught me off guard.

When it opened in April, in the new building on Southeast Division Street with a 70-foot geisha painted on the side, the daiquiri-focused bar and restaurant was said to be inspiredboth by owner Ricky Gomez’s Cuban heritage and his hometown of New Orleans.

Going in, I thought that meant I was visiting a New Orleans-themed Portland bar.  I walked across Palomar’s angular, floral-patterned tile floor to my barstool, a plump, ochre yellow leather seat with matte black and bronze accents—the most beautiful barstool in Portland. A hardbound menu, rich with illustrations of islands and sunsets and cocktails and bikini-clad women sitting on the backs of flamingos, colored in muted pink and teal, waited for me atop white marble. From the list, I ordered a Daiquiri No. 3 ($10), a sweetened variation on the Hemingway Daiquiri.  To my surprise, that’s exactly what I was served.  It was not made with aged rum, nor set off with an obscure vermouth. It was the sum of its citrusy parts—a daiquiri.  Turns out, Palomar is more like a New Orleans bar that just happens to be in Portland.

In Portland, the goal of a cocktail bar is often to placate the capricious whims of the city’s booze dweebs with deep-cut aged spirits, weird liqueurs and specialty bitters—haikus written by mustachioed 29-year-olds in short-sleeved button-ups. Meanwhile, many of New Orleans’ elite restaurants strive for something much simpler—to create the best possible interpretations of Louisiana’s long list of distinct cuisines and drinks. That’s precisely what you get at Palomar.

Perhaps that shouldn’t have been so surprising, given that Gomez’s local pedigree includes two years at eminent Pearl District cocktail spot Teardrop Lounge and eight months tending bar at James Beard Award-winning steakhouse Ox, which he helped open. In 2012, he was crowned best bartender in the United States in a competition held by Diageo.

But Palomar is almost as much a restaurant as it is bar, with two pages of sandwiches, salads and plates from former Interurban sous chef Patrick Kille, whom Gomez took to Miami to research the city’s Cuban diner cuisine.

Palomar’s beauty is in its refusal to overthink anything. Portland didn’t need another bar that specializes in unpronounceable vermouths and celery bitters. What it needed was a bar with a gin and tonic that also tastes like pineapple, and a daiquiri that tastes like a daiquiri. With Palomar, that’s now what it has.


Phylos Biosciences

Phylos Bioscience is an agricultural genomics company based in Portland, Oregon. We’re using modern molecular genetics and computational biology to better understand the most important and least-studied plant in the world: Cannabis.

We’re using science to create tools that are allowing our new industry to grow safely and sustainably. Our services are designed to be used by producers of all sizes, from small home growersto large scale commercial operations.


Iron Tap Station

We are committed to finding only the most delicious beers from and around the Pacific Northwest.  The founders of the Iron Tap Station are born and raised from here and truly believe that we have the tastiest and most unique selection of beers anywhere!


Somatic Center Portland

A Collective of Independent, Somatic-Oriented Practitioners.

Somatic Center Portland is a collective of Therapists, Acupuncturists, Body Workers, and Doctors in private practice. As a diverse community of practitioners, we’ve come together around one central principle: that the body and mind are not separate.

Grand Army Tavern

After two years of planning and looking for an ideal location, we are excited to have opened Grand Army Tavern in Woodlawn. Grand Army is named after Grand Army Plaza, a stop on the 2/3 train in Brooklyn, New York, where we met for our first date. We’ve opened the Tavern to create a neighborhood place that has scrumptious food and drink, in a comfortable environment. As a husband and wife team, this place is an extension of our home and we are eager to welcome you. We love to hear feedback so if you can’t see us and give us a shout-out, then you can always email us at [email protected]

We are committed to providing delicious, sustainable food, and one of the ways we do that is with in-house, whole animal butchery. Bringing in whole pigs is better for the animals because it supports farms who raise them humanely, it enables the farmer to afford to care for the animals well, and it ultimately ends up tasting better on your plate. It also means we use every part of the pig, so there is no waste. Because of this, we sometimes run out of a certain cut of meat before others, but those delicious riblets will be back on the menu in no time.

As for cocktails, we love the classics and want to do them justice with precise measurements and fresh juice. All of our juice is freshly squeezed, and all of our syrups are made in-house, we always have something cooking and percolating. We think drinking, like eating, is something that can be both playful and delicious.

-Anna & George