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We are excited to announce that SolTerra will be taking on its second project on Pike street in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood.  The previous project, Cove Apartments, was sold this past week setting a new record high price per square foot for an apartment building in Seattle. 

The new project is called Solis which is Latin for sun. It is designed as a Passive House which aims to achieve up to 90% of the building’s heating and cooling needs from the sun. Learn more about Passive House


For more information about Solis, please visit:



All of SolTerra’s projects begin with a story, brought to life through sustainable craft construction and community oriented design principles that connect people to each other and nature.  At the heart of Solis will be a corner retail with decorative Steel surrounds that open and fully connect the street with café seating.  The roof features a sun deck, green roof and dog run.  Throughout the project you will find other Sun-inspired touches such as sun glazed Spanish tiles and Mediterranean lighting elements.
See the below link to the full presentation with images and details.

While this project will be very unique for its innovation in design, it will also be unique as we have decided to deliver the project as condominiums.  There is a historic shortage of for-sale housing in Seattle and especially condominiums. With this project’s extraordinary location and certification as the first Passive House condos in the city, we will be delivering an investment return that surpasses what is possible with apartments.


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